Trendsetters in Employee Transport Services

Janani Tours is distinctive in providing safe and comfortable commute to the corporate employees. Being a trendsetter in Employee Transport Services, we have carved a distinct niche in the industry. We have amalgamated our elite Fleet Services and state-of-the-art Technology together to get the best Corporate Transport Solutions and Operations. We take end-to-end responsibility of the transport requirements of our clients within their defined budget, while easing the pain points associated with daily commute of its employees.

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Transforming Fleet Services with Advanced Technology Applications

As an industry leader, we are bringing transformation in our processes through technology implementation. Our tech-enabled innovative solutions are used every day to achieve the goal of providing reliable, safe and comfortable travel to the employees.


Discover the fleet Janani offers. We have a wide range of vehicles from buses to premium cars commensurate with the business requirements of our clients.

Our services focus on the safety of the employee commute. With our Live tracking feature complimenting the 24*7 monitoring center, we ensure safe and comfortable travel. 

All the regulatory compliance of both Drivers and our Fleet are managed by a dedicated team to check and provide reports of any sort of risk backed by our state-of-the-art-technology.

Janani uses latest technology to integrate the entire process. It connects and communicates, through apps to the supervisor, employees and drivers, in order to provide efficient travel solutions.

Our employee transport service, processes ensure optimum utilization of fleet and trips to minimize costs.

By establishing tie-ups with the fuel pumps and by creating the fuel tanker back-ups, we ensure that the employee transport services are not abrupted in BCP, which are handled by expert crisis managers.


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