One platform for Employee Transportation Solutions and Services
Jen Drive : Varied stakeholders; Varied needs

At Janani we offer End-to-End Employee Transportation Solutions and Services coupled with Technology for providing maximum safety, comfort, efficient and cost-effective employee transport solutions to our clients.

JenDrive leverages telematics, mobile, cloud technologies and complements the trained Manpower and extensive Fleet deployed to provide services to our valued Customers in the areas of

  1. EMPLOYEE TRANSPORTATION (Fleet operations and End to End employee transportation)
  2. CAR RENTALS (Airport transfers, Packages, Outstation)
  3. CAMPUS COMMUTE (Subscription based commute to work place)

It’s a complete package which connects all people involved in transport operations i.e. Customer, Employee, Drivers, Operations and Back office . The various applications enables them to stay connected and share information in real time to take decisions instantly.



Jendrive is the outcome of the nearly 25 years of experience that Janani has in the domain of CORPORATE EMPLOYEE TRANSPORTATION. JenDrive brings together Customer, Employee, Driver, Operations and Back office on an unified platform with focus on

Transparency for Customer

  • View of Service performance
  • Vehicle and Driver master
  • Vehicle and Driver Audit history
  • Vehicle and Driver scores
  • Invoices
  • Book on-spot cab request for events, outstation
  • Book Janani homes for guests/employees

Convenience for Employee

  • One app for daily commute, Rent a car and  Booking of Janani homes
  • Ability to subscribe to Campus commute

Efficiency in Operations

  • Cross utilization of fleet
  • Actionable reports
  • Vehicle and Driver scoring based on Compliance, Service and Safety parameters
  • View of vehicles with GPS alerts
  • View of vehicles with Compliance alerts
  • View of vehicles with Audit issues

Better environment for Partner Driver

  • More trips per day
  • Notification on pending renewals of documents
  • On Time pay-out & view of monthly statement through increased automation of back office processes


Jen Drive is ONE SOLUTION for multiple services and catering to needs of multiple stakeholders

c-1-multiple options for roster-min

Multiple Services on One Platform

From daily commute to airport transfer, transport managers can deliver multiple services to employees and guests on one platform

c-2-multiple services-min

Rostering Options

Transport managers can manage multiple types of roster like daily, weekly, monthly for varied transportation needs

c-3-route optimization-min

Route Optimization

Our technology ensures optimized routes based on travel time and number of employees assigned

c-4-auto routing-min

Auto Routing

Intelligent routing ensures minimal human intervention in the entire process

c-5-Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Transport Managers can track all the cabs on real time basis and ensure safe and secure travel of the employees

c-6-driver compliance-min

Driver and Vehicle Compliance

All compliance documents can be accessed and managed from the portal. Automatic reminders are set for renewal

c-7-approved etrip sheet-min

Approve E-Trip sheet prior to Billing

Transport managers can audit and approve every trip on platform prior to billing

c-8-cost center wise billing-min

Cost Centre Wise Billing

The platform provides flexibility to bill based on different cost centres

c-9-business continuity-min

Business Continuity

BCP architecture provides for high availability. Transport managers can rest assured that operations will remain uninterrupted.

c-10-data security-min

Data Security & Privacy

Information security practises ensure confidentiality , integrity of sensitive data

e-empl self rooster-min


Employee can be enabled to self-roster for trips based on date and time of his / her work schedule

e-live tracking-min

Live Tracking

Assigned cab can be tracked on real time basis with exact ETA

e-call masking-min

Call Masking

Driver and Employee can interact with each other without sharing their numbers



App has an inbuilt feature to raise an alert during an emergency


Cab Booking

Employee can be enabled to book cab for Airport Transfer/Outstation Trips/Day Packages and avail same level of safety , service ,comfort and convenience of online payment


Employee feedback

Employee feedback provided at end of the trip is factored to compute vehicle score.

d-1-fair share of Trips-min

Fair share of Trips

Multiple factors like time on wheels, earned revenue are considered while allocating trips to drivers

d-2-driver compliance report-min

Compliance Actionable Reports

App has automatic reminders set for renewal of compliance documents


Request for Fuel Advance

Driver can request for Fuel Advance via App .Fuel Advance is calculated for trips executed and approved by customers

s-1-driver cab audit-min

Vehicles/Drivers Audit

App enables audit of vehicle and drivers using comprehensive list of parameters

s-2-vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Quick view of on-job, free, active, inactive and inside hub vehicles

s-3-alert employee safety-min

Employee Safety Actionable Alerts

Alerts related to route deviations, over speeding and panic button press are accessible in real time on App for corrective action and ensuring safety of employee


Vehicle / Driver & Compliance Reports

Vehicle and Driver score based on compliance , service and safety parameters provides base for corrective action plan


Tracking of Fuel advance

Supervisor approval is mandatory to process Fuel advance request raised by Driver

o-1-command center-min

24 hr Command Centre

24/7 Command Centre, uses a single window enabled through integration with different GPS device OEMs, to ensure smooth monitoring of all transport related processes and live tracking of vehicle in trips

o-2-automated billing-min

Fully automated Billing and Payout

Automated Billing and Payments based on trip sheets


Tracking of Fuel consumption

2 step approval and linking to trips approved by customer ensures minimum leakage

One Stop Solution for Multiple Use Cases

Our mission is to provide safer, smarter & more efficient transportation through the latest applications & technology. 

Use Case: For a Customer managing fleet operators and operations on a 3rd party software

JenDrive can complement in areas like ad-hoc bookings / vehicle and driver compliance/ audit/score & billing

Use Case: For a Customer managing fleet operators and operations

JenDrive will enable delivery of full range of employee transportation services to employees and manage (plan/track/improve) end to end transport operations with multiple vendors in multiple locations

Use Case: For a Managed Service Provider


JenDrive will enable delivery of end to end employee transportation services to customer, with focus on costs/compliance/ safety/convenience

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