At Janani, every client is of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated in fulfilling the varied needs of our clients and we strive to go above and beyond expectations in providing the best employee transportation services to its employees.

Our speed, quality of service and professionalism are attributes that our existing clients often refer to when speaking about us to others. It is these clients motivate us to deliver services as per their changing needs.

If you are currently a client, thank you for your continued patronage. If you are considering our employee transportation services, we thank you for thinking of Janani. We welcome the chance to prove to you that at Janani we will stop at nothing in providing safe travel for our clients.

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  • We are pioneers in providing the employee transportation services based on the organization requirements. In this offering, the organization provides roster details of employees to be picked-up and dropped based on the tool client has implemented.
  • Janani team executes the required number of trips with the right type of mix of fleet and reports back the completion of the assigned task as per the requirement provided by the client.
  • Janani team takes end to end responsibilities of identify the right automation tool, plan the trips required, number of people to manage the transport operations on behalf of the company as well as takes responsibility to provide employee transportation services as per agreed budget numbers in addition to carrying out responsibilities of employee transport operations. Execution of assigned task with end to end responsibility by determining the right type of vehicle mix, routing logic, deliver the services as per agreed budget.
  • The entire processes involved in this operations are enabled by the state of art technology which helps in providing transparent and better-quality service to our clients. The entire processes are managed by our vibrant team of 450+ specialists in various areas working towards the common goal of providing hassle free transport operations and solutions to our clients.

We have proved our mettle by providing high-quality employee transportation services and take end-to-end responsibility of the company’s transport requirements within the allocated budget. A User-friendly app has been designed and used by 40000+ users which provides the facility of live tracking, notifications alert, raise ad-hoc request, set shift alarms keeping the ease of our clients in mind. Our technology solution provides us the flexibility to easily integrate with the client’s ERP systems. Our Technology led solution is part of all the processes required to carry out the diverse transport operations.


Pilot run is our initiative to experience our services, before they partner with Janani. We would like the potential companies to have an idea of what our employee transportation services are and how they can be benefitted from them.

For more details, please contact us using the form below.  We would be glad to consider your needs and provide our tested solutions for the same.


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