COVID Procedures followed by Janani

In the recent months, COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes in everyone’s lifestyles and all of us are getting adapted to the new normal. Getting back to regular work is imminent for many employees working in different industries, as restrictions in place as part of the coronavirus response are reviewed. In this course of time, Janani Tours and Resorts Pvt Ltd has prepared itself to be well equipped to combat this pandemic with precautionary measures so you could travel safe and have a hassle free office commute.

Keeping in mind the need to function with utmost responsibility at this tough time, we have made sure to make our staff aware about the importance of maintaining their vehicles and personal hygiene according to health department standards. Additionally, we have also introduced a fiber glass partitions in between passengers & drivers in our four & six – seater cabs for a risk free state of mind, both for you and our staff.

Since the lockdown, Janani has been providing support for essential services to various companies, following norms and are closely keeping a track on various directives put forth by the government pertaining to the requirements and daily functioning of the organization.

With reference to the same, necessary changes have been inculcated and put into action, effective immediately.

Precautionary Measures Taken Before and After The Trip:

  • The driver washes and sanitizes his vehicle thoroughly.
  • Checks if the vehicle is stocked with sanitizer, masks, gloves and tissues that are considered mandatory.
  • Gets his temperature checked from time to time.
  • Checks his trip list on the Jen Drive App.
  • Will follow the assigned route and avoid red zones and other restricted areas.
  • Refrain from any contact with the passenger ensure safe distance.
  • The driver will wear the gloves while opening the cab door

Precautionary Measures Taken During The Trip:

  • Follow protocol by guiding the employees to the assigned seat to ensure a safe distance between each passenger during the journey.
  • Provide sanitizer and check if the masks are worn properly by the employee.
  • Conduct temperature checks occasionally.
  • Make sure that the trip sheets are signed digitally by the employees.
  • Inform the employees to not get in contact with anything in the cab.
  • The use of AC is not encouraged during the trip for a safer environment.

In case of any emergencies, the drivers have also been made aware and trained about the company procedures they need to follow to deal with the scenario cautiously.

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