Our Solutions for today’s Employee Transportation


At Janani we offer end-to-end ownership of Vehicles to Drivers “coupled” with TECHNOLOGY for providing maximum safety and comfort for the Customers. Having more than 23+ years of experience in the employee transportation solutions, we are fully equipped to run a more efficient and compliant transport operation.

With our deep expertise and in-depth knowledge of data we provide Best in Class employee transportation solutions. The entire solutions are designed to offer safe, comfortable, efficient and cost-effective employee transport solution to the client.

End-to-End Automated Processes

Our tech-enabled solutions for Employee Transportation intends to empower our transport operators with web and mobile based technology to increase fleet utilization and reduce manpower in their respective areas. It’s a complete package which connects all people involved in transport operations i.e. Driver, Transport supervisor, Customer, Transport Manager and Corporate Employee. The mobile app enables them to stay connected and share information in real time to take decisions instantly, which facilitates:

Reduction in overall Transportation Cost by 15%

Lessening Employee Travel Time by 20%

Reducing Man-hours for Travel Desk by 30%

Almost 90% reduction in Call Volumes


The web platform is hosted on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. The transport manager can easily manage bookings, Ongoing trips, Real-time tracking & analysis, and MIS reports as he has full control of the operations through the web portal. The Operations Dashboard provides a quick view of all trips and issues that need to be addressed. The management dashboard provides the long-term strategic view of operations and profitability analysis of the business.


The driver app provides details on current trips, duty hours, and location of the employees and keeps track on fuel reimbursements and other expenses. The driver app helps admins to communicate with the driver and accommodate change requests easily.



The Employee app is designed to provide on-time, comfortable and safe travel on a daily basis. This user-friendly app helps the employees to set alarms for their shift, cab arrivals and for other important events. It also accommodates ad hoc requests for unscheduled trips for official purpose and the bill would be sent directly to the company. The app can also provide notifications on any important office related information.


The supervisor app allows to manage his assigned fleet on the move, with complete visibility of allocated cabs and drivers. He can easily assign vehicles for new trip requests, connect with driver, modify routes and monitor ongoing trips. Real-time alerts are received in case of any deviation in time schedule, routes, speed violations, any support required by the driver and an SOS alert in case of emergency.



Reduced Transport and

Manpower costs

Real-time Alerts

Remote Vehicle Tracking

Improved Safety with

24*7 monitoring center

Paperless Transactions

Detailed Analytics Reports

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