Can Employee friendly travel improve Employee Productivity?

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Gretchen Rubin, author of ‘The Happiness Project’, identifies “Bad commutes are a major source of employee’s unhappiness. People feel frustrated, powerless, and stressed.” Can Employee friendly travel improve employee happiness and productivity.

To answer this question let’s first understand what is employee friendly travel specially in India.  In most cities average travel duration between home and office is somewhere between an hour or two. In such scenario employee transportation services by the company plays a key role in ensuring employee friendly services.

Few essentials of employee friendly travel experience are as follows: –

  1. Ensuring on time arrival and departure of vehicle
  2. Employee getting correct information about their vehicle and driver
  3. Needed hygiene conditions are maintained inside the cab
  4. Employee friendly APP or tool that helps plan their travel to the office and back home
  5. Well-groomed drivers are key, they ensure safe and secure travel to employees, strictly follow the compliance requirements
  6. Well trained back-office personnel to respond to employee queries

Once these basic requirements are taken care, which will enhance the employee friendliness of transportation operations. It helps the employee to focus on core activities thus enabling their productivity.

We at Janani Tours have been successfully providing safe, secure and comfortable commute to the corporate employees for the past 23 years. We are pioneers in providing the best employee transportation services based on the organization requirements.

Our tech enabled solutions for Employee Transportation services intends to empower our transport operators with web and mobile based technology to increase fleet utilization and reduce manpower in their respective areas. It’s a complete package which connects all people involved in transport operations namely Driver, Transport supervisor, Customer, Transport Manager and Corporate Employee. The mobile app enables them to stay connected and exchange information in real time to make decisions quickly.

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