Why Compliance Management is paramount at Janani?

Compliance Management

Compliance management for employee transportation services is a critical activity that needs enough attention. Successful compliance management cuts down the risk and increases safety and security in transporting employees.

Checks like vehicle registration, driver verification, and other legal, security and safety checks that were earlier considered to be special requirements from the client are now become basic and needs to be fulfilled without even client asking for the same.

At Janani, each cab and driver go through close to 85 check points all together. The details regarding to fleet compliance can be picked up from the APP/Portal shared with the client. Our team of experts work 24X7 for our clients ensuring safe employee transport and zero tolerance against non conformance by timely reporting compliance risks.

Driver background verification is an important check that ensures that only eligible drivers free of any criminal records come on-board. Police verification and address checks are also a part of the background verification. Routine checks like checking for the registration certificates, road tax certificates are valid and if there is any document nearing expiry, the same is reported and the entire process is automated.

In the current scenario, client requires dedicated vehicles based on their compliance requirement since vendors doesn’t ensure all their vehicle meets the compliance requirements. At Janani we continuously work to ensure all our vehicles are compliant, so that the client is not worried about which vehicle is deployed for duty.

For organizations to ensure transport compliance; a trustworthy partner, an enabler that cuts down the risk and ensures safety for the vehicles and employees is like a boon. We at Janani  in comprehensive compliance management with our strong team of industry experts that have been helping organisations stay compliant and audit ready.

Janani Tours provides one stop solutions for all employee transportation service needs.

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